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Perforated Sheets

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  • Click here for a video tutorial and advice
  • All pattern are available in all finishes
  • Click image of pattern you want to choose
  • Choose sheet size that suits either 1m x .665m, 1m x 1m, or 2m x 1m. You can choose multiple sheets at the end.
  • Select from the available finishes (Materials) for the patterns. The image may show backing mesh you don't need to worry about this at this point.
  • Select if you want backing mesh or not on your radiator grille and choose the type of backing mesh. Normally you would choose the same finish but occasionally a different finish can provide a more striking result.
     Backing mesh reduces the visibility of the radiator behind on patterns with a large opening. An example of this would be fancy cross.
  • Select if you want it cut to size or not. There is a small charge for us to guillotene out all your grilles to the sizes you give.  If you would rather cut the grilles out yourself then select no.
  • If you select cut to size a box will appear allowing you to input your grille sizes. This does not calculate how many of our decorative sheets you require it just keeps a record of what you require when ordering.
  • Underneath the calculator a table will appear with your selected option. Input the number of sheets you require and it will produce a quantity discounted price with free delivery for zone 1.
  • You can add to basket from here or alternatively you can click the thumbnail in the table to go through to a more detailed product page with more images and sizes of the pattern.
  • If you want to go back to all the pattern click the reset button on the filter
  • You can request up to 4 samples using the samples request button.

Brass radiator grills

This is the most popular finish, Brass will age over time becoming darker, but suits most traditional homes or vintage offices. Especially popular for guards on bookshelves, In an open apeture this allows you to see the book names through the mesh. The same principle applies to cupboards and dividing doors.

Stainless steel radiator grills

This is a bright silver finish, suited to more contemporary homes with stainless steel or chrome fittings.

If you have the wire reeded this takes some of the shine off. (The reed is the line you see at the edge of the wire.)

Silver and gold anodised finishes

This is a matt s finish, suited to more contemporary homes with brushed stainless steel or brushed brass fittings.

Pewter radiator grills

Pewter Grilles are hand woven from steel ribbons which are then powder coated to give an extremely hard wearing paint finish.

Any backing can be added to any pattern to enhance the appearance of your chosen grille.

Radiators work on both convection and radiation. An efficient radiatior will draw cold air from the ground and heat it as it rises creating a convection that heats the entire room. A properly manufactured cabinet will improve this process, you should always choose cabinets with a gap at the bottom and a gap at the top either in the shelf or under the shelf otherwise the heating convection characteristics of the radiator will be stopped. Radiators also radiate heat, you can tell this if you stand directly next to them. The speed at which the radiator gets up to temperature where it radiates heat will be reduced, the cabinet has to warm up first before it start radiating heat into the room. No heat will be lost unless the wall behind the cabinet is poorely insulated (this is not a common occurance). If this is the case a reflective material can be used behind the cabinet. The non insulating effect of metal grilles compared to wooden mdf grilles means that a cabinet will start radiating heat much faster with a metal grille than with and mdf grille. Some customers prefer radiator grilles with a large opening (such as fleur de lys or fancy cross) as this alows more imediate heat radiating through the cabinet, you can use a backing mesh to dramatically reduce the visibility of the radiator behind. If you prefer not to use a backing mesh and want to obscure the cabinet as much as possible then our most popular pattern fancy club is a good option. This pattern has one of the samllest hole sizes at 6mm.

If your fitting the grille within the recess of a cabinet then you should add around 30mm to the opening size excluding the recess, this is based on a 20mm recess on all sides.

If you're fitting the radiator grille behind the openings of your radiator cabinet: add on 50mm to the physical opening sizes. This will give you 25mm on all sides to staple the grille into place

Please click through the pattern images and options below to get a price for your grilles.

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